Monday, March 2

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Man calls in sick to doctor's appointment.

The forty-eight-year-old white man in Wu-Tang t-shirt for some reason.

Morbidly obese nurse practitioner takes Hypocritic oath.

Sunday, February 23

Neighbors still celebrating Lazy Orthodox Christmas

NEWARK, OH — According to a certain rodent from Pennsylvania, spring is just around the corner. The calendar is in the waning days of February. Saint Patrick's Day is on the horizon.  But none of those facts have deterred the Jennings family at 842 Oak Court from celebrating the little-known Lazy Orthodox Christmas.

Most Orthodox Christmas celebrations often begin and end within the first week of January, several days after the more common traditional Christmas. However, Lazy Orthodox—a splinter group of Eastern Orthodox Christians—rather than celebrate a week or two after December 25, tend to continue celebrating well into the third month of the new year.

For followers of this obscure faith, their trees may remain up, and outside decorations may still prevail long after the last winter snow, or the first buds on trees emerge.

For the Jennings, those still-prevalent ornaments and long-since-fallen-over grapevine deer are a testament to their unyielding faith. To others, most notably their immediate neighbors, it's an eyesore.

"I don't think it's real. I think it's crap. They just are too busy sitting around on their fat asses to take down their lights." shrugged next-door neighbor Nan Wheatley.

The Jennings take offense at those who don't believe that they believe.

"Baby Jesus wasn't even born in December.  Shepherds don't keep their flocks in the fields in December. He most likely was born in the summer or fall. You can tell Nosy Nanny Wheatley that Yukon Cornelius blow-up will be gracing her front-porch view until Labor Day!"

Monday, January 27

"Beyond Human" - a new plant-based option for compassionate cannibals

NEW YORK, NY - A new, plant-based human flesh substitute is getting thumbs up in cannibal communities around the world — from remote man-eating tribes in the jungles of Africa to back rooms of certain Chinese restaurants along New York's Lower East Side.
"Beyond Human" is a pea-based plant protein, with a blend of assorted proprietary ingredients, that tastes like actual human flesh. It's designed for cannibals with a conscience, those who love that rich, meaty human taste but deplore the way human beings have been treated, like, by serial killers and bad parents. 
"Look, I still enjoy eating people." One anonymous cannibal said. "I just don't like how people have been raised, locked in mental cages, or on the couch in front of the television. I will admit though, a sedentary lifestyle can create a wonderful marbling effect."
"I like my human flesh raw or frozen, like you'd enjoy as one of few survivors of a plane crash high in the Andes." Another cannibal said.
Such cannibals will have to wait. “Beyond Human” is only found in Caucasian flavor on the black test market. 

Tuesday, December 31

Jihadist group disappointed in Facebook "Year in Review" Video

WHITEHALL, OH —  The waning days of December often provide a time for reflection on the past year. For many, it's a time for fond memories. For a local jihadi group, it was a social media letdown.

"It was demoralizing to see how little we had blown up in 2019." said leader Abdul Abu-Jones.

The group did manage to destroy an infidel's Tesla Model X, but that was of little solace. "That happens all the time, even without an incendiary device." Jones lamented.

"We burned some godless texts, but we did it a large trash barrel during a cold snap, so no one noticed."

The group also lit up the Central Ohio midsummer night with quite an explosive show, but sadly, it was mistimed.

"We should have done it on July 5th or 6th. I mean, there were some 'oohs' and 'aahs' and some polite applause, but no submitting to the will of the Caliphate. Disappointing."

Abu-Jones declined to share the video to his wider friends network, instead only posting it on the private Facebook Group, SHHBOOM! (Stay at Home Husbands of Bexley Working Moms.)

Fellow cell member Hamzi Al-Abedi tried to access the video via his mobile phone but accidentally detonated a nearby IED, killing himself.

Abu-Jones was happy to note that at least next year's video will start with a bang.

Monday, December 30

Local woman pens refreshingly honest Christmas letter.

SHAWNEE HILLS, OH — Friends and extended family members of one Chantel Hamilton, 63, of Shawnee Hills, Ohio were shocked and dismayed when they opened the annual "Auntie Chantie" Christmas letter this holiday season.

Her wide eyes scanning the sleek cursive handwriting, cousin Alberta Hamilton stood dumbfounded in her kitchen as the words "Well my no-good creepy-ass son is back in jail for trailer park peeping." sprang unrelentingly from the page. She found little relief as the letter continued "and my daughter is still hitched to that asshat Klansman. Sure, he's in the Rotary, but he's also in the Klan."

The letter's other startling revelations include Chantel still misses her dead husband Pat but not as much thanks to her new "friend" Mister Bullet (and his five speeds), her new daughter-in-law smells funny, and pop sensation Lizzo is "over-fucking-rated." 

Nephew Jack McCluskey of Farmington Hills, Michigan was disappointed to find that his beloved aunt referred to his favorite college football team as a "sack of hog shit covered in weeping boils that deserve to rot in the eleventh circle of hell for eternity." 

He referred the letter to his therapist, who has seen similar displays of truth bombs

"Age has stolen much of Mrs. Hamilton's social graces and as a result, she lacks the devices necessary to construct an artifice of joy and success around her family so many others are adept at this time of year," he said, referring to a stack of his own leftover Christmas cards showing he and his wife and two daughters in a complete fabrication of joy.

He then collapsed into a pool of tears.

The letter ended with "You are all rotten people in your own special way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"