Wednesday, April 12

GAP opens new clothing chain to help those with fashion emergencies.

San Francisco, CA — (AP) Need a pair of Khakis in a hurry?

A printed flounce skirt or a waffle-hooded henley in a pinch?

A new concept in shopping from GAP may be the salvation you need, if only for a couple of weeks. GAP has announced plans to launch StopGAP, an interim outlet for the fashion conscious.

"Our research indicated that people would actually buy more clothes from the GAP, but were unable to, due to time constraints and busy schedules, to make it to the store. That's why we created StopGAP — as a provisional source for all of their GAP needs. And that's why every StopGAP is located exactly half way between your house and your local GAP store." beamed GAP VP and StopGAP Project Manager Cary Whitt.

StopGAP's specially-designed clothing is engineered to dissolve in a washing machine after approximately 3 to 4 washings, making them a truly temporary solution.

"You'll still have to purchase clothes from an original GAP store at some point." Whitt said. "The clothes are only makeshift, ad-hoc ... you know, a stopgap!" Whitt chuckled and then slapped his knee with enthusiasm.

Contrary to some financial experts, Whitt doesn't believe the new locations of brick-and-mortar stores would impact their online sales at The company expects StopGAP to show a healthy profit by the 2nd Quarter of 2007. "This a long-term concept. As a company, we're not into making slapdash, fleeting business decisions. "

He also stated the group was mulling whether or not to include drive-thru service at some of the StopGAP locations.

"We've got to keep our customers happy... and we think they'll really be excited about this."

However, social activist Lori Rogers-Furmano isn't applauding the stores efforts to help those in a fashion emergency. Rogers-Furmano founded the non-profit group Stop GAP in 1996 to protest the abhorrent working conditions of laborers in GAP manufacturing facilities in Third World countries.

"Those bastards stole my name! They'll pay for this!"

However, it seems Rogers-Furmano will be the one 'paying for it'. If 'it' is a Bedford striped blazer. The Ledger followed the activist to her neartest StopGAP location. When questioned, she seemed a little defensive.

"What? There's always cute Latino guys at the immigration protests. And I have nothing to wear!"