Monday, May 29

"Friggin’ Kenyans."

Heath, OH — Jerry O'Malley, a local man who tried to keep wheelchair victims out of the Memorial Day Heath Half-Marathon by letting the air out of their tires, also had a few choice words for the male and female winners of Monday's race, both natives of Kenya.

"These friggin' Kenyans … I'm sorry. Is this not the HEATH half marathon?" O'Malley asked. "It’s not the African Run For Your Goddamn Lives There’s A Fucking Elephant Chasing Us Half-Marathon, now is it?"

The 68 year-old O'Malley finished 235th in this year's race, otherwise known as second-to-last. His place in the race was secured when a seemingly healthy 40 year-old collapsed and died at mile marker three.

"This is probably my last year racing," O'Malley admitted. "I can’t compete with the ladies anymore, let alone these darkie sons-of-bitches."

[How can you run a marathon in a goddamn wheelchair?]