Tuesday, May 30

Lee brings 'crack fashion' to new low.

New York, NY — (AP) Crack fashion.

It's not Whitney Houston's wardrobe, but the latest craze in low-rise jeans.

The new Lee "Peek-A-Blues" brand emphasizes the natal cleft via a 'notch' or 'window' cut out of the rear of the jeans.

"We've basically found an untapped market in women, and some men, who wouldn't mind showing a little crack, but not at the expense of a comfortable fit." said Lee spokesperson Tara Howard. "The specially-designed notch allows ample exposure of the crack, but without the unsightly bunching beneath the buttocks that occurs when jeans are worn too low on the hips."

Howard stressed that Peek-A-Blues should be worn without a belt. "Belts tend to disrupt the vertical aesthetic of the crack area... everyone should know that."

Janelle Hawkins, 19, of Upper Arlington is excited about the new jeans. "I really want plumber ass, but not if it means my pants are down to my knees. That just isn't tasteful."