Tuesday, June 13

Flight Attendant Boyfriend "better stop bringing work home with him."

Hilliard, OH — Olivia Dawes thought it was cute the first time Justin Littler, a flight attendant for America West, approached her at a local night club five and a half months ago. Now, she's no longer impressed.

"He came up to me and told me the contents of his pants might have shifted." Dawes giggled. "I'm sorry, but where I come from that's a good line — especially with what he does for a living. He seemed like a decent guy. Someone fun to hang out with."

Dawes should've known better later that night when Littler asked her to "do some routine maintenance on his cockpit."

Now, the two 27 year-olds appear to be enroute to Splitsville, with Littler taking an earlier departure. The problem? The romance may not be able to survive Littler's ongoing habit of injecting his work into every aspect of their lives.

For Dawes, the souring point in the relationship came when the two spent a week in May hiking the Appalachian Trail. "We hit the top of this summit, and I was a little short-of-breath. Before I know it, he's jamming an oxygen mask on my face and telling me not to be alarmed ... that the bag won't inflate, but I'll still receive an adequate supply of air."

"You'd think after living in my condo for 4 years, I would know where all of the god damn exits are. But no, he points them out, every time."

Now, Dawes will even sometimes unlatch her seatbelt while the two are riding in a car, "just to piss him off." Just last week, Littler caught Dawes disabling the smoke detector in his bathroom. "I can't help it ... after our second date, he didn't try to kiss me goodnight ... I just got a gah-bye now, and a little wave."

Dawes did acknowledge a bright spot in their five and a half month relationship. "I never have to get up to get a drink. That's nice, I guess." However, Dawes is still considering ending the affair this Saturday when the two plan to grab some wings at the local Cocks.

"Maybe I'll tell him he can pick up all of his stuff at the emotional baggage claim. Yeah, that would serve him right."