Friday, June 16

New neighborhood discovered in Lower Manhattan.

New York, NY — (FP) Lifelong Manhattan resident Enzo Perrone discovered a strange, previously unknown neighborhood while walking his dog through trendy NoLita. “I was bending down to scoop up Tammy’s poo, when I noticed a pudgy man in a striped golf shirt across the street talking to woman in what appeared to be a Land’s End ensemble. She had a shopping bag from some placed called 'Value City'. They stood out, so I walked over.”

What he saw when he crossed Lexington Avenue was both startling and strange. Instead of a steady current of stylish New Yorkers walking briskly, he saw midwestern kids riding their scooters down sidewalks. He also noticed the distinct sound of lawnmowers.

“The whole scene was surreal, Perrone said. “I asked the guy in the golf shirt if he was involved in some sort of performance art thing. He said, ‘Well aren’t you a Nosy Parker,” whatever the hell that is. Then he opened his arms and welcomed me to “Little Dayton,” a neighborhood he claims has been there since the ‘20’s.”

Little Dayton, which is roughly one hundred yards long, is located on the corner of Lexington and Great Jones.

Perrone said he then went on a walking tour of Little Dayton with Mike Lucas, a lifelong resident whose parents emigrated from Oakwood, a popular Dayton suburb. “One of these days I’ll take the kids back to where we came from…I’d really like them to see the Dorothy Center Mall — it still has the Bob Evans where my parents met.”