Tuesday, October 31

Hey you. Yeah, you, punk.

You took a dump on my lawn.

And now you're gonna pay. Big time.

You four-legged, mangy, fur-coated, ass-sniffing sonofabitch. And when I say sonofabitch, I'm being technically accurate, you sonofabitch.

Now I'm gonna fertilize you with lead.

My .457 Wildey Magnum is like an instant obedience school. I'm Animal Control and I'm here to put you down, you no-good flea-infested dirtbag. You're gonna need to turn in your dog tags for a toe tag, you sonofabitch.

Next time you take a dump, it'll be in canine hell!

Charles Bronson was an actor/vigilante and is currently guest commentator for The Heath Ledger. You can find out more about his life and viewpoints in his book, "Read My Book, You Sonofabitch!"

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