Wednesday, November 22

Michael Richards’ apology rings hollow

Los Angeles, CA - A racist tirade delivered on stage has former Seinfeld actor Michael Richards in some serious hot water. And his apology via satellite on CBS television’s Late Night with David Letterman has fallen mostly on deaf, black ears.

Appearing contrite, Richards explained how his true racist feelings, like yours and mine, were supposed to remain buried, hidden away from public view.

“I just lost my cool up there on stage,” he said. “I got heckled and flew into a fit of rage.”

Richards then tried to break the tension with comic relief, morphing into Cosmo Kramer before continuing his apology. “Nigger, please.” He said. “It was just a joke that you didn’t understand. The whole ‘shove a fork up your ass’-thing … I didn’t really mean that ... I meant a knife … for your throat, bitch. Kramer out.”