Tuesday, April 10

Area douchebag asks for, receives beating.

Reynoldsburg, OH - After more than a couple drinks Friday evening at Deliberations, the happening new lounge at the Reynoldsburg Days Inn, area douchebag Mark Swanson was filled with enough liquid courage to go table-to-table looking for trouble.

Unfortunately for Swanson, table six was occupied that night by Ultimate Fighter Chuck Liddell, in town sharing a drink with his sister.

A pinch on Chuck’s sister’s backside and a lewd comment or two was all it took for Liddell to pounce. Within seconds, Swanson was bloodied, confused and “tapping out” for dear life.

“He always gets like this when he’s had a couple.” Swanson’s friend Doug explained. “Instant asshole. Just add alcohol.”

Swanson was taken to an area hospital as a precaution, and for his own good.