Tuesday, May 15

Radio host could be fired after
Anti-Anti-Semitic remark.

Mount Vernon, OH — Jerry “The Mouth” Murphy, of WQIO’s mildly controversial Mouth in the Morning radio show is in tepid water over an ad-libbed remark that risks offending people who half-listen to the radio and those whose grasp of specifics is less than desirable.

Transcripts show Murphy said, when speaking about an upcoming neo-nazi rally in nearby Parkersburg, West Virginia. “Man, I hate them Jew haters.”

WQIO Program Director Brad Gullet wasn’t quite sure if, as a result, Murphy would be let go. He said that he would need to check the most recent edition of the station's on-air guidelines, and consult with the station’s legal representation for further clarification.

“All I know is, whatever he said was anti-something. And that makes me a little uncomfortable.”

After repeated playbacks of the tape, Gullet still wasn’t sure what to think.

“I think he’s saying he hates people who hate Jews … but still, ‘hate’ is an awfully contentious word to be throwing around. Frankly, we shouldn’t hate anybody.”

Karen Underwood, a spokesperson for BAS Brodcasting, who currently owns WQIO, wondered if the incident would cost the station advertising dollars. "We're adult contemporary, you know, The Eagle 93. We don't need this kind of exposure."

Several completely unknown and unnamed critics believe Murphy only made things worse by attempting to refine his remarks, in which he stressed he ‘was not filled with Jew hate, but with Jew hate hate.'

Mouth in the Morning listener LeeAnn Humphries expressed her outrage “All I hear is some loudmouth spouting the word hate. Someone should do us all a favor and kill this hater. I hate this guy.”