Tuesday, June 16

Area man dies, expectedly.

Heath, OH - Heath’s favorite 102-year-old, Victor Walberg, finally passed away yesterday after a prolonged, roughly 40 year illness.

Despite his advanced age, some friends and neighbors are only now coming to grips with his passing.

“I thought Victor died like 10 years ago.” Neighbor Doris Kingswood said. “I really can’t believe it.”

Mr. Walberg was born in Columbus, Ohio, back in 1907. He graduated from St. Hilda’s College in 1930, then worked in the garment business for a time before going on to serve his country overseas during World War II.

Returning from war, Mr. Walberg married Ida (Mark) Walberg. They had three more children. Yada, yada, yada. Ida died in 1968 and Victor became a drain on the family and the entire healthcare system.

Mr. Walberg’s ashes were scattered by an oscillating fan before he could be transported to the crematorium.