Monday, August 24

Area man convicted in 2000 shooting loses appeal.

Columbus, OH – Michael Johnson was in his early forties when convicted of shooting his then girlfriend in a jealous, alcohol-fueled rage. When the dust had settled, Kathy Smith and Edward Mullins were dead, and Johnson was sentenced to a life behind bars.

Johnson, a former John Casavetes model, had appeared in numerous catalog and print advertisements before his 2000 conviction. He was statuesque, square-jawed and ruggedly handsome. Johnson has since lost his appeal.

Daily ass-poundings in the shower, kitchen walk-in and laundry areas will do that to a man.

Fellow inmate Tyrone Cunningham made this observation, referring to Johnson by his prison nickname, Michelle.

“Michelle is looking rough, man. Skinny. All nervous and shit … She got bug eyes, stretch marks on the side of her mouth and shit. Where’s her nose? Nah, man, you can have that. Too many teeth for me.”

“Michael was so handsome. We knew we’d have some trouble when he arrived the way the other prisoners were hooting and hollering, placing dibs, etc.” Warden Joseph Balzac said. He then added, uncomfortably, “He’s certainly been reformed. And I think that’s a credit to our prison system.”