Tuesday, December 15

Area manager says 12 percent market penetration “just the tip.”

Columbus, OH – When CFO Jeffery Jones shared his company’s fourth quarter numbers at the annual sales meeting yesterday, there was little question as to what movie he watched on DVD over the weekend.

Most of the packed auditorium erupted when Jones dropped a “Just the tip” from the movie Wedding Crashers. A few members of the audience weren't impressed, questioning the timeliness of the reference.

Wedding Crashers? That’s like, what, ten years old?” One out-of-touch co-worker asked.

“Dude, ’Just the tip’ is always in play.” Another quickly countered. “It’s like ‘That’s what she said’ … you use it any time you can break it out.”

That’s what she said.

“The tip, my friends, is only the beginning.” Jones told colleagues. “While we’re making great headway, if you’ll pardon the pun, we can penetrate deeper. If we work harder, why, it’s not unrealistic to expect, if not full penetration, at least something like 90%.”

Market share like that would totally give competitors the shaft.