Tuesday, December 22

This Smoothie tastes like shit.

Westerville, OH - A local man wants to know what you put in that smoothie of yours to make it taste like shit.

“Was it actual shit?” He wonders. “Because that’s what it tastes like. Shit.”

What he obviously doesn’t understand is that many different ingredients can be combined to make a Smoothie that tastes like shit, including the makings of the smoothie in question:

– Whey protein
– Creamed corn
– Banana
– Spinach
– Omega-3 fish oil
– Wheat germ
– Carrots
– Soymilk
– Blueberries
– Oatmeal
– Ice

Next time, we suggest you just take a shit right there in the blender and puree it with ice so you can say, “Yes. It’s shit. And you’ve got a bit of it on your nose.”