Thursday, January 28

Hello, caller! Please don't confuse me for that 80 year-old hot mess on CNN still bangin' hot broads with his wallet. I’m just a computer … did you see old Harry Potter-looking guy introduce my cousin, the iPad? Sounds like one of Shawn’s feminine lady hygiene-type products to me. No wings though ... Speaking of, is there anything better than Asian Zing sauce? Technically, I don’t have wings, but I do have high cholesterol. Garlique! Welch’s Grape Juice! Also delicious! The real Larry King and I have lots in common. For one, very little memory … What was I saying? Anyway, I’m pulling for the Saints in the Super Bowl. I can’t believe that little Archie Manning is playing for the Colts now ... Where have I been? That Barack Obama sure is a colorful guy. And by that I mean, black. Or half-black. Whatever he is. Okay, folks, time to put me to sleep. Until next time ... this is the Larry King 3000.