Thursday, April 1

Police kill area man for fun.

Heath, OH - April Fools!

Aw, man, we got you good.You were like, “The police killed a man for fun?! Those bastards! Honey, come look at this headline. Says the police killed an area man for fun. Can you believe it?”

And then we were all, “April Fools!” LOL.

Before that though your wife was like, “What? How is killing someone fun?” And then after a brief aside in which you explained how killing people can be kind of fun, especially when they're homeless people, you noticed the first line said "April Fools!"

Hey, that’s just what happens on April Fools day, sucker. Sorry you're so gullible.

Anyway, thank you so much for continuing to read our Pulitzer-Prize winning, twice-weekly online rag.

April Fools!

We don’t care if you read it or not.