Thursday, May 20

The Futile System

By Janice Carothers
Junior, Heath High School 

Heath, OH - Hey, everyone. It's me, Janice. I guess they liked my last article on Hilton so much they decided to have me back or whatever. And guess what? Mr. Delahante's even giving me extra credit for these! 

Today's topic is the Futile System. It's like where everything you try to do is basically futile or whatever. For example, last month Mike Pare asked me to go to the prom with him. I was like, whatever! Like I'm gonna go to the prom -- the most important dance of my life  -- with  a guy caught masturbating in a second floor ladies room! Yeah. As if. Dream on, futile-boy. Just don't dream about me and do what you were caught doing, you perv. Though I guess that would be kind of flattering or whatever ...

Anyway, I guess the king way back when would give people this land they could live on so they could try to eek out some kind a meager existence or whatever. The people the king gave land to then hired these pheasants to work the land. I guess in and around all the bushes and stuff. It was futile, of course. They're all dead now.

Am I losing you? Stay with me. If we don't learn from this history stuff we're doomed to repeat it. I don't want Barack Obama taking my land by executive order and giving it to Kings, Nobles and Knights or whatever. Do you?

Granted, I don't own any land. But I have a cousin who works at Medieval Times. It's like he's trapped in that time period.

I hope you learned something, guys. I'm Janice. Facebook me or whatever.