Tuesday, July 13

Area man ‘95 percent sure’ this is his wife.

Heath, OH - “You see these markings, here under the neck.” Jim Harrison said examining the neck of the woman he’s 95 percent sure is his long-lost wife. “I think these are from when she tried to kill herself that time.”

Mr. Harrison is ‘95 percent sure’ the woman indentified in hospital records as ‘Jane Doe’ and being thusly examined at General Hospital, is actually Margaret Harrison, a 42-year old woman who disappeared from her Heath area home eight months ago, apparently from an open upstairs window.

“I’m 95 percent sure this is her.” Mr. Harrison repeated. “She had a crazy toenail on her left pinky toe and look,” he exclaimed, holding the unresponsive woman’s foot high in the air. “That right there is one crazy ass toenail. This has to be her. I’m close to 96 percent sure.”

For now ‘Jane Doe’ lies in a vegetative state, having been found unconscious Thursday on the side of the highway with third degree burns on her face, chest and back.

“I’m here, Maggie.” Mr. Harrison whispered lovingly into his supposed wife’s ear, thinking we were out of earshot. “You escaped from me once. But you can be 95 percent sure it won’t happen again.”