Monday, May 9

Local band yet to finish single song.

Heath, Ohio — Four Heath high school students aren't about to let a serious medical condition and failing grades get in the way of their rock and roll dream.

"Killer" Kirk Melken, Sean Walton, Adam Hazleton and Ross "Fucked Up" Janco formed ADHDC six months ago during a shared stint in detention.

The four have had a history of trouble at school. The four also have a median IQ of 137. 

As far as tribute bands go, ADHDC's For Those About To ... What? "show" is interesting to say the least. The set list contains 4 and a half "songs", each lasting for about as long as the band shows interest in playing them.  They have a few fans around the neighborhood, but so far real success has been elusive.

Neighbor Eddie Fraser is growing weary of the band's lack of attention span. "I've heard the intros to every fucking AC-DC song in their catalog ... I mean, I'd really love to hear more than four bars of that shit."

The band asked The Heath Ledger to sit in on their most recent practice session in their 'studio' — one-half of the Jancos' garage. The bass drum features the letters 'ADH' in the familiar AC-DC style. 

Twenty-two seconds of rock and roll fury. 
Suddenly, lead guitarist Melken then bursts into the electrifying opening of "Back in Black."  The refrain lasts about 38 seconds before he abruptly leaves to text some girls and make some pizza rolls.

Later, the band reflected on their recent history. 

"We realized we were, you know, like that, so that's where the name came from." Jones then bolts from the garage to chase a Schwan's delivery truck down the street.

"He does that every ... " drummer Sean Walton trailed off.