Tuesday, December 1

Area dad hates all his children
the same.

GROVE CITY, OH - Lest it ever be called into question again, Joe Drummond wants you to know he does not play least favorites.

“I hate all my kids the same.” He says. “They’re a bunch of fucking brats, and I blame their mother.”

Joey Jr. is 17 and according to his dad has been nothing but a disappointment.

“He should enlist in the Army or something. Learn to get his ass out of bed before noon.”

Francine, 13, “may have an extra chromosome or two.”

The youngest child, Spencer is 8.

“Spencer may wind up being the most hated in the end, but right now he’s no different than the other two douches.” His dad says. “Gimme this. Gimme that. Piss off, kid. Get a job.”