Wednesday, September 7

The Tubes had more than one single, thank you very much.

SUBJECT: Expanded Discographies of near-forgotten 1970s/1980s New Wave Bands.

COMMONTATOR: Wee Faybill, NOT the former lead singer of The Tubes

"She's a Beauty." Sure. Got it. Thanks, MTV.  Everyone's heard that damn song a billion times. But did you know we, uh, The Tubes had other singles and albums that demand attention? I mean, why would I l lie?

For the record, I am not the former lead singer of The Tubes. I am Wee Faybill. They guy you're probably thinking I am is Fee Waybill. Way different. Like, the first letters are totally switched. See? My first name starts with a W, and his starts with an F.  It's funny because my last name starts with an F, and his starts with a W. Kooky!

Anywho, we, uh, The Tubes were a new wave band from San Francisco. They opened for Led Zeppelin for pete sakes! Do you think a super-talented band like The Tubes would be allowed to open for Led Zeppelin if they only had one song? No way.

Heck we, uh, they had an album way back in the mid-1970s. I, uh, the lead singer was born in 1950 for crying out loud. He's probably being treated for diverticulitis and mild hip dysplasia by now. I don't know, I'm just guessing here. He's probably also paying a bit too much for car insurance.  I should — he should really remember to take care of that. Anyways, he's at least 65, which is getting up there in age. You would think a 65-year-old man would have more than one song to his credit, wouldn't you?

"White Punks on Dope" was our their first real single. They also had that other song, hold on, let me look it up ...  oh, yeah ..."Talk to Ya Later" which was kind-of popular for about two weeks in 1981.

All I'm saying is there's more music than you realize out there, kids. So check out our, uh, their web page at or look them up on YouTubes. Ha. Tubes.