Wednesday, June 12

Man holding piece of chalk must be mathematician or something.

COLUMBUS, OHIO - A man on the bus was spotted holding a piece of chalk yesterday. Consensus among the crowd of remedial experts was that the man must've been some kind of mathematician. 
Mildred Johnson was convinced the man was on his way to a chalkboard somewhere to solve a very complicated problem, one far more difficult than Man + Chalk = X. 
"He's wearing chinos and running shoes." She said. "I mean what else could he be?"  
"I'll bet he was so wrapped up in his equations he forgot to put the chalk down before catching the bus." Jose Martinez offered. 
"You know what adds up?" Spoke another bus rider. "That you two are dip-shits." 
The truth would emerge at the next stop. The "mathematician" stepped off the bus and walked to the sidewalk. He put the chalk in his mouth, held a hand against the wind while raising a Bic lighter with the other. He fired the tip, drawing smoke deep into his lungs before exhaling a large plume. 
"I didn't know you could smoke chalk." Mildred Johnson thought as the bus pulled away. 
In the corner of her eye, a man at the back of the bus was fondling a hotdog, diverting her attention. 
"That man must be on his way to a barbecue." Jose posited.