Thursday, June 27

Meteorologist bemoans lack of diversity in storm naming.

BALTIMORE, MD  —  Meteorologist Garland Willis is taking issue with how tropical storms and hurricanes are named and the long-time WJZ-TV 13 weatherman is calling out the lack of diversity in those names.

"Hugo? Irene? What is this, 1935? I'm sorry, but those names speak to an outdated and frankly bigoted classification system."

Willis, who is African-American, believes that the long-standing practice of giving storms rising out of the Atlantic and Pacific human names needs to change its colors.

"Believe me, I know how much damage a Lakeesha can do!" said the weather specialist, presumably speaking from personal experience. "Bitch had me drowning in debt!" 

Irma? Irma make some changes up in here!
Are names like DeAndre or LeCharles not worthy of a storm because of their historical blackness? This natural disaster segregation must end! 

Willis is planning an upcoming protest outside the headquarters of the WMO, or World Meteorological Organisation, who controls the storm naming methodology.  He disputes their claim that the system in place has become more inclusive over time. When shown a selection of names for 2019 that includes Chantal, Tico, Sebastien and Nestor, Willis just rolled his eyes.

"Please. Nestor? You get your ass kicked in Orangeville with a name like Nestor. And let's face it — you aren't flooding shit if your name is Sebastien."