Monday, August 19

People expect more from Art Installacion

WESTERVILLE, OH - Arthur J Installacion, 43, has trouble living up to expectations. Some would say he brings it on himself. 
"Please, call me Art." 
Co-workers gather outside his cube, stare, and then say things like, "It's not doing anything for me." Or, "I think it's a statement on the relative lack of power we all have in vaguely latino but also maybe white, male, corporate America." 
"This isn't art." 
"I am Art!" 
"All I see is a middle-aged latin-American guy in ill-fitting clothing." A woman from accounting said. "Is it meant to represent the people at the border stuffed in cages? I think it's left to interpretation, like all good art." 

Art Installacion will be on display at the corporate offices of Chase until roughly 5pm this evening.