Tuesday, February 14

Local author admits he's illiterate in new book titled, Bakds Askjf Jgod.

Heath, OH - In his new book, Bakds Askjf Jgod, Martin Williams admits he is unable to read or write.

"This, quite frankly, was the easiest book I've ever written," Williams said. "After the first few paragraphs--which took me two friggin' weeks to write--I was, like, fuck this, I'll just admit I'm illiterate in paragraph three, and mail the son-of-a-bitch in from there."

With his book complete, Williams now has ample time for pursuits more befitting an illiterate man of leisure. Activities like rolling out of bed at noon, and scratching one's ass, for sure.

"Look at my boy, Federline," Williams suggests. "That fucking guy can't read, write, or rhyme! Yet he's putting a rap album together." After a quick pull of the nuts, Williams added, "This is America, baby ... Anything's possible!"