Thursday, February 23

One word describes food at Heath’s newest Chinese restaurant: Dericious.

Heath, OH - Tomorrow, Heath’s newest dining destination, The Café Cathay, opens its ornamental oriental doors to the public for the first time.

"All ah food is absorutely dericious," the Chinese guy who’ll be taking your orders said. “No two way about it. Come on down. See for self. Try #4 with flied lice. No MSG!"

The Café Cathay is laid out and decorated in traditional Chinese restaurant style--with a giant mural of Hong Kong on the left, small tables on the right, and pictures of the various combo-plates available above the counter.

This afternoon, the Café was open for friends, family, and food critics. I ordered the #6 combo, which prompted this exchange:

"You wan eggroh widdat?"
"No, thank you."
"You clazy."

Call me clazy, but I think The Café Cathay is going to be a huge success.