Tuesday, March 7

Local man gives up Lent for Lent.

Heath, OH — Chet Ferguson has always considered himself one of God's children. The longtime parishoner at St. Leonard Catholic Church is a devout and pious man who lives his faith on a daily basis.

But recently, Ferguson began to have doubts about his traditional Lenten fast plans.

"My dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ has never wavered. Honestly, I've done all the variations on fasting I can imagine, from meatless Fridays to the John the Baptist diet, in which I existed for forty days on nothing but bread, water, juices, honey, and nuts. I've been taking the proverbial journey into the wilderness for 55 years now, and frankly, I'm looking for a new way to serve my God."

Ferguson found the accustomed end-of-week tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich lunch he'd eaten for many years during the fast no longer spiritually filling.

"I look so forward to Lent each year, that I found that it was something, that, if I was truly following in the footsteps of my Lord Savior, I would deprive myself of, in true imitation of Jesus."

Ferguson said he would abstain from anything Lent-related for the days leading up to Good Friday. "I'm not even going to Mass, that's how committed I am to the apostolic faith."

When asked what he might be doing this coming Friday, Ferguson mentioned "hitting some all-you-can-eat prime rib joints and maybe an Arby's. Then, to the Shady Lady for some drinks and a lap dance or two."