Thursday, April 20

6 year-old bear attack victim loved nature, hated bears.

Heath, OH - A 6 year-old Heath girl mauled to death by a Black Bear in the woods of Tennessee loved nature and the outdoors, but really hated bears.

“She loved trees and stuff, waterfalls, but she hated those Goddamn bear sons-of-bitches ever since she knee high to a grasshopper.” Step daddy James Earl said of the victim, McKenzie Olive-Earl. “Winnie the Pooh, Teddy Ruxpin, Fozzie, the Care bears, all of ‘em.”

The Earl family had been vacationing in the mountains of Tennessee, camping by a lake stocked with plenty of fish that bears find deliciously irresistible. Investigators also believe that James Earl’s habit of urinating “anywhere he damn well pleased” may have lured the bear to the area.

Police and game authorities trapped and tranquilized the 4 year-old 300 pound Black Bear late last evening. The Ledger has since been informed that the bear had to be destroyed for what is being described as “extremely violent, bear-like behavior.”

What was left of the girl’s body will be laid to rest on Monday at Dove cemetery in Muskinghum County.