Wednesday, April 19

Announcing The Heath Ledger
Fake Book Club!

It's for people like you and me who like to pretend they actually read books!

When you join The Heath Ledger Fake Book Club, all you have to read is the fake synopsis! We supply you with what we believe the book would be about, so when your friends ask you what the book you're reading is about you can impress them with an immediate, fake answer!

What could be better than not
reading a book!?

If "An Army of Larry Davids" did exist, we'd have offered it to you with our highest recommendation. Inside, you'd have curled up to read how our own government has developed and perfected a legion of super Larry Davids in a secret, underground research facility. And how this "Army of Larry Davids" is, right now, on the ground in Iraq baffling and confusing the enemy with inane takes on life!

Or, you'd have read how each of us in our own unique way is bald, underappreciated, and relatively amusing--especially to the opposite sex--just like Larry David! But without all those pesky guest celebrities!

The possibilities are limited only by OUR imagination! Join now!