Wednesday, April 5

Chinese creative director wants work to be more “corrabolative?”

Heath, OH- Addressing a group of semi-talented art directors and copywriters during his first day on the job, ad agency creative director, Confucious ‘Chinny Chin’ Chin, said everyone in the agency needed to work more “corrabolativery” in order to take the work to the next level.

“Corrabolation,” Chin explained, “will make ah work all the more better. More cleative, top to bottom. Before rong, we wa become the cleam of da clop.”

Ben Denton and Geoff Allen, a creative team attending solely for the free lunch, exchanged furtive glances throughout the meeting as if to say, “What the fuck?” and “Who the hell does this Chinese bastard think he is?”

As Chin continued butchering the English language, one thing was made semi-clear.

“The crient’s bottom rine is what’s reary impotent.”