Tuesday, April 18

Man gets joke late, realizes it was on him.

Heath, OH — Local OCD sufferer and infrequent partygoer Stephen Rameken was angry Saturday morning when he finally realized the true meaning of a joke at Friday’s post-work happy hour.

“I remember laughing my ass off and not really knowing why,” said a pensive, reflective Ramekin, while disinfecting his pen. “Everyone cracked-up immediately, so I figured it had to be funny.”

The joke in question occurred at Murphy O’ McMurphy’s, a popular Irish-themed pub located in Las Brisas, a popular latin-themed mall.

“We had just received our second round of Purple Hooters, when Larry Nordloh said, ‘two more of these and I’ll be the one walking around with a germ-mask and anti-bacterial soap!’ I thought he was making a jab at the filthy bathrooms, so I laughed.” Rameken sighed, while smearing Purell hand sanitizer all over his arms.

The originator of the joke has no regrets. “Stephen’s a good guy…and I was a little hammered, but c’mon…the man dresses like he’s going into surgery. He once sprayed anti-bacterial spray on our biggest client because she had just gotten off an airplane.”