Tuesday, October 31

World’s smallest violin player
hired to play pity party.

Heath, OH - Samuel and Elizabeth Prescott have hired Theodore Rogers, famed master of the world’s smallest violin, to play an after dinner pity party for their son James this Saturday evening at 9PM.

“We know James is going to ask for money after dinner. That’s what he does. It’s his standard operating procedure.” Explained Samuel Prescott, heir to the Prescott plumbing fortune. “This time, though, we’ve got a little surprise planned for Jimmy-boy.”

James has siphoned more than $200,000 from his parents in just the last few years. After college, James hoped to “find himself” on a three month backpacking tour of the entire European continent. All he found, though, was Chlamydia.

Last year, James opened and closed a comic book shop in a span of three months. And now, after a year of trying to sell his one-of-a-kind knitted dog hair sweater and vest creations, James has called “out of the blue” to say he’ll be over for dinner this Saturday.

“I wonder what it’s going to be this time,” Elizabeth Prescott mused. “Tuition for Art Instruction School? Some kind of get-rich-quick pyramid scheme? Amway? Arbonne International? Nothing would surprise me at this point. I can’t wait to see the look on James’s face when Mr. Rogers begins to play My heart bleeds purple piss for you. That’s going to be priceless. Call the MasterCard people.”