Thursday, February 1

Aerial photo provides conclusive proof of roof.

Heath, OH — A recent addition to the Heath Health Clinic has heads turning, but without the customary cough.

A tastefully framed aerial photo of the clinic now adorns the wall behind the newly-renovated information desk. Visitors to the center can now plainly see the HVAC-system laden roof of the clinic in all its glory.

Heath Health Clinic patron Dennis Rodecoy found the picture to be a welcome sight. "I always questioned whether or not there was roof on this joint. Now, thanks to that tastefully-framed photo, I have proof."

Heath Health Clinic Director Todd Sears commissioned aerial photographer Frank Littleton of nearby Columbus to take the photo for posterity. "I thought it would be a nice thing to have, you know, to instill pride in our employees. And he had access to a plane, which was really helpful"

Longtime clinic receptionist Doris Belzinger was fairly nonchalant about the photo. "Frankly, unless I'm gettin' rained on, I don't pay no mind to no roofs.'

Sears, admiring the photo, continued: "It's truly heartening to be able to visualize the building from way up in the sky. Because I'm very rarely up in the sky like that, and I really wouldn't know what it looked like, exactly. You know. Like that. But its kind of cool, in a way. Really"