Friday, March 9

Hey you. Yeah, you, punk.

Your carbon footprint is too damned big.

And you know what? Mother Gaia's sent me and my .457 caliber Wildey magnum to put a few holes in your o-zone layer, know what I mean, dirtbag?

Let's see how you enjoy my lead footprint all over your oil-hoarding, Hummer-driving, CO2-spewing punk-ass, you natural resource wasteoid! I'm thinking globally, and killing locally, greaseball!

And I'm energy efficient, you polar ice-cap melting sonofabitch, because I never miss. It's incandescent lights-out for you -- you hurricane-causing, global-warming, arrogant piece of human garbage.

Here's An Inconvenient Truth for you, punk: I'm gonna recycle your ass six feet under, you sonofabitch!

Charles Bronson was an actor/vigilante and is currently guest commentator for The Heath Ledger. You can find out more about his life and viewpoints in his book, "Read My Book, You Sonofabitch!"

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