Friday, March 16

Local octoroon stumps to make March 18th – 20th 1/8th Black History Days.

Heath, OH - Angered by the special treatment half-blacks are scheduled to receive this month, area octoroon Lester Tewes is planning to burst into Heath City Council chambers and demand an eighth of the month be set aside to celebrate the contributions of people who are 1/8th black.

“I can’t think of any of those people off the top of my head,” Tewes said. “But I’m sure there are others like me out there … people who didn’t get the special considerations half-black people get from college admissions departments, but still went to college! … We demand a couple days in the sun!”

City councilwoman Penelope Farnsworth, when asked if the board would acquiesce to Tewes’ demands, politely responded, “One eighth of a Negro, please.”