Monday, March 12

Movie critic taken way out
of context.

Heath, OHThe Heath Ledger movie critic Jiminy Parks contends he was misquoted in a recent newspaper advertisement for the film Wild Hogs. The ad quotes Parks as saying "Two thumbs up. Way up."

"What I really said, had anyone read my review, which is always buried on page 12B I might remind you, is 'two thumbs up, way up my ass seems like a much more enjoyable way to spend two hours than this god-awful piece of dreck."

"And I'm gay so that's completely true."

Parks continued. "Also, I only have one thumb, see?" Parks then elaborated that when he was a child, he had his left thumb sheared from his hand by a grain auger.

Parks muses that this isn't the first (nor the last) he has had his words misused by the studios to positively promote their films.

"The studios once claimed I called The Whole Ten Yards 'one long gagfest.' Honey, let's say I was in the theater, but I wasn't watching the movie." Parks then chuckled, hands flailing. "How's the saying go? Down in front?"

Parks then plied your reporter with an overly-obvious series of winks and elbow nudges.