Friday, March 30

New motel lounge fails to live up to motel lounge standards.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio — There's a new hotspot in town that has more than a few patrons a little hot and bothered.

Days Inn Reynoldsburg Columbus East debuted Deliberations, a legally-themed bar, a little over a month ago. So far, loungegoers seem to love the place but not the moniker.

"The ambiance is great, the drink specials are really good, and the Y-chromosome action is outta sight. The name, however, has to go." said Donna Barlow, 46, divorced mother of four. "Why couldn't they come up with something snappy, like R.W. Handlebar's, or R.J. Poppycocker's?"

The curiously-named lounge features Franklin County's 8th longest bar and weekly appearances by local Ohio Players cover band Heat Ray and the En Fuegos.

Retro disco nights are on Wednesday, with husband-and-wife DJ's Les Stress and Mora Leisure, and Ladies Night is every other Thursday night, with no cover for female guests.

Self-proclaimed lounge expert Rico Valli isn't sure that Deliberations is long for this world. "I understand that lounge manager Dale Kirkland is an estate-planning, probate, and elder law attorney by day, and that's the reason for the name ... but frankly, it's a total turn-off to folks looking for something that sounds like a good time. I'm not sure how they'll compete with places like C.J. Handydandy's or R.U. Teabagger's long term"

Valli elaborated. "Their 'don't pass the bar' slogan is funny, but a bit obscure for travelers looking for a night out while staying in. And I'm sure the ladies will love the Well Hung Jury Male Revue when it comes to town, but the name just isn't up to par with other local haunts like T.J. Brickabracker's or P.T. Butterbuckler's.

Lounge lizard Vince Papell agreed with Valli's rough assessment. "Deliberations? Sounds like a lot of negotiating for a one night stand."