Friday, April 27

Seven and a half-foot Pole declares for NBA draft

Krakow (AP) - 7’ 6” Pavel Gryzbowski, AKA the Big Gryzbowski, has declared for the upcoming NBA draft despite never having played the game and being incredibly pasty white.

“If Zidrunas Ilgauskas can do it,” Gryzbowski reasoned, “then so can I. I mean look at that guy. Compared to me, he’s not even tall. Baldie. I say look out NBA! Get golumpkis ready.”

The only NBA general manager who seems to be interested in Gryzbowski is Boston Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge, in Krakow “just to sit by Gryzbowski’s mother for a while and nothing more."

“This guy is a prototypical NBA center—for the Boston Celtics.” Ainge said. “We look forward to drafting him and having him out there on the court with our other athletes, the Kedrick Perkinses and the Brian Scalabrines.”

The 2007 NBA draft will occur at some point, that much we’re sure.