Thursday, May 10

Mental Heath Week nut sale is crazy!

Wooster, OH — At least that's what Donovan Danielson thinks.

As a leading local advocate for the mentally-impaired, Danielson works tirelessly on their behalf — volunteering time and money, lobbying area politicians for funding increases, and overseeing local fundraisers.

That's why he went all psycho when he learned that Delahunty's Candies and Nuts was planning to host a weeklong "mixed nuts sale" as part of a fundraising campaign for the Wayne-Holmes Mental Heath Recovery Board.

"I find it outlandish that they would use this event to poke fun at such a serious condition." Danielson lamented. He has since successfully campaigned to cancel the sale. "I just couldn't live with myself knowing that we could successfully rebuild some lives with that tainted money."

Candy store owner Pat Delahunty offered a differing point of view:

"He's the one who's being retarded. He's walking away from at least $11,000 in donations. What can I say? People love my nuts."