Monday, June 29

Blind country-western singer unable to find microphone.

Plain City, OH – There were a few awkward moments at the Plain City Pub last night, and we’re not talking about when that black guy came in to ask for directions or the brother-sister make out session in the back corner by the restroom. We’re talking about when the blind country-western singer took the stage and was briefly unable to find the microphone.

Man, that was funny.

“I heard people shoutin’.” Blind country-western singer Darrell Diamond said. “But they were all shoutin’ at the same time. ‘Over there!’ ‘No, over there!’ ‘What are you, blind?’ … That kind of thing.”

Diamond, 35, has been touring the area as a country-western singer for the past four years, and has been walking around blind for the last 35. This is the first time in all his blind country-western singing days he’s ever been unable to find the stage microphone.

“You’d think it would happen all the time, being blind and all. But they usually hook me up with a headset microphone or just say, ‘Darrell, take three steps that way, turn right, then five steps forward and you should bump right into it.’ This time all they said was ‘get the hell out there, boy!’”

After a couple minutes walking around the stage with his arms outstretched like some kind of blind zombie, Diamond finally bumped into the stand, sending the mic to the floor. He bent to retrieve it just as a beer bottle whizzed by his head. He finally managed to corral the fucking thing, stood, tapped it with his hand then asked, “Is this thing on?”

Diamond then commenced with the blind country-western singing. And we’ll be darned. That boy can sing.