Monday, June 8

Local ad writer seems to think every situation would make ideal movie or sitcom.

Columbus, OH – Josh Burgess, copywriter at STF Advertising, thinks just about every idea he comes up with these days needs to be captured on digital film or video and shared with the free world.

Burgess's art director partner Andy Spitler finds such enthusiasm and determination completely exhausting, having long since given up on chasing his dreams.

“I’m like, dude, forget Hollywood. You’re stuck here. You got a wife. Three kids. An adjustable-rate mortgage. These golden handcuffs.” Spitler said, holding up his invisibly bound hands. “Columbus, Ohio, my friend ... Drink it in.”

Still, for Burgess, every meeting is a pitch meeting. And when asked about the manuscript he carried around like a newborn baby, he replied, “It’s going to blow your mind. It’s about this group of terminal cancer patients who sign up to be part of an elite government kamikaze unit ... It’s got Michael Bay written all over it.”

“And this one,” Burgess continued, pulling another dog-eared screenplay from his messenger bag, “it’s about some college grads who fake being crippled and panhandle to make a living in these trying economic times. Hilarity ensues.”

“Yo, Scorsese!” Spitler shouted from across the room. “Let’s go. We got work to do.“

“I wish the cameras were rolling.” Burgess said. “Because that little exchange had Mad Men written all over it.”