Tuesday, September 29

Fake publication’s press schedule thrown off by real-life work schedule.

Columbus, OH – Two area jackasses are entirely unable to explain why there were no funny stories posted yesterday, and only one hardly-funny story last week.

“We’ve had real work to do, other priorities if you can believe that.” One said on the condition of anonymity. “The workload is probably also to blame for the glut of easy dick/blowjob stories which have emerged lately. Sorry.”

“I haven’t felt funny at all lately, to be honest.” The other said.

“You haven’t felt funny, really, like ever.” The first was quick to point out.

And then the two got into a fight, which wasn’t funny in the least. Just two middle-aged dudes wrestling around on the ground, first with each other and then later with the pent up feelings they have for one another living in today’s ultra-judgmental society.

Wait. That’s kind of funny. Let's go with that.