Friday, February 26

Hello, caller! It's me again, the Larry King 3000. Please excuse any fatal errors, as I'm having motherboard issues. ... Speaking of motherboards, how about that Flying Tomato, Shawn Applewhite? He really knows how to abuse the half-pipe like my good friend Tom Sizemore ... Item! I've witnessed the Avatar ... the last time I saw that many ten-foot tall blue natives I woke up in a pool of my own urine ... and that was just last Wednesday folks! ... Hey ... Who says Toyotas aren't safe? Not this CPU! ... My Shawn wishes I had a stuck accelerator, if you know what I mean ... what a minute, what do I mean? Anywho ... Carlos Irwin Estevez ... back in rehab ... hopefully Two and a Half Foot Men will survive ...  I don't know about you, but I love the dwarf humor! Here's a quick tip I tell my Shawn every night ... don't forget to log off! Until next time ... this is the Larry King 3000.