Tuesday, March 2

Local comedian’s wife “just doesn’t get it.”

Columbus, OH - After months of polishing his seven-minute stand-up routine, Jason Stowe’s wife doesn’t get any of it - particularly the part about him thinking he could actually survive a stint in prison based on the size of the shit he just took.

Stowe performed his set for his wife on their backyard patio at around 7:00 pm, which just so happened to be the time real-live crickets are most active.

“Tough crowd.” Stowe said, giving his wife an icy stare. “Ma’am, are you just going to sit there all night with your arms crossed? … Hello! This thing on?”

Later that evening, Stowe took time to patiently explain the premise behind each of his jokes and elucidate the universal truths he'd touched upon.

“Oh, I get it now.” His wife said at one point. “I think.”

Be sure to catch the always sometimes funny Jason Stowe this weekend at the Banana’s Comedy Club!