Tuesday, August 17

Improved home improvement show coming to HGTV.

New York, NY — HGTV is revamping an old favorite for their new fall season.

The popular home improvement hit Holmes on Homes is adding a few more Holmes to the mix in a bold bid to increase ratings and give the show a broader appeal among a more diverse audience. 

Holmes and Holmes and Holmes on Homes' inaugural season kicks off September 10.

"The show follows a format unlike that of any other home improvement show on TV.  First, Sherlock Holmes tracks down the negligible contractors, Larry Holmes knocks them out, and that last Holmes, the one with coveralls — well, he fixes the house." says production executive George Glatz.

Glatz is optimistic the show will continue to see increased ratings. His pitch to skeptical executives at the network and sponsors was simple.

"It's Law and Order with granite counter tops and travertine. Look, we took a moderately successful venture and added elements of crime-solving and boxing without sacrificing the home improvement aspect. What more could you want?"

The original show, produced largely in Canada, featured a down-to-earth overall-clad super contractor who rescues naïve homeowners from botched construction jobs.

"That element still exists, for sure. But frankly, people weren't really identifying with that one Holmes guy,  ... whatshisface."

Glatz then searched the air around him, snapping his fingers, as if to try and conjure up Mike, which is the original "Holmes" first name.

"Yeah, Mark. Him. That slab of humanity."

Glatz considers Sherlock Holmes, the famous sleuth created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a fictional character in name only.

"Oh, he's real ... on the show. I think of him in the same way I think of Jeff Goldblum or Ryan Reynolds as a fictional character."

Glatz envisions "hybridizing" other HGTV shows in the same manner.

"Who doesn't see the words House Hunters International and think guns, money and exotic locations?  I mean, people will still be buying houses, but they'll have to hunt for them first ...With guns."