Thursday, July 15

Local boy has "Magic" Johnson.

Columbus, OH - Darius Jones pointed to his "Magic" Johnson with pride this afternoon, practically rubbing it in the faces of friends who'd formed a circle around him to get a closer look. 

"Here it is, bitches." Jones said, carefully holding it up with two hands. "A feast for the eyes, no? It's practically flawless, if I do say so myself."

The onlookers gasped with envy, reaching out to touch the "Magic" Johnson.  For a few, it was their first time seeing one up close and personal.

"Easy there, killers." Jones admonished. "I don't want any fingerprints on it. Whoever gets this thing is going to pay--probably through the nose. I'm really going to make it hurt."

If you'd like to bid on Mr. Jones's 1980-81 "Magic" Johnson basketball card, which also features Larry Bird and Jack Sikma, visit