Wednesday, March 23

Greenbud Party wants on ballot, more chips.

Columbus, OH - You can trace the beginnings of a political movement back six years, when two college pals got together on a weekly basis to watch ‘South Park’ reruns.

“We were disenchanted with the state of things politically, man.” Greenbud Party Chairman Luke Donaldson said, reaching for a glass pipe and tearing the lid off an ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ container housing a stash of 100 percent hydroponically-grown ‘Killer Green Bud’ (KGB).

“Hahahahahaahah! What the fuck was I saying?”

“The bottom line is this country’s two-party system is bullshit.” Associate Chairman Woody “Harrelson” Smith said from his slumped position at one end of the couch in that very same campus apartment. “Plus, there are no more goddamned chips.”

After a few additional fits of laughter followed by moments of contemplative silence, Donaldson added, ““I for one am hungry for change … as well as some sweet and salty snacks.”

The Greenbud Party still needs 9,998 signatures for ballot consideration and $1.98 for chips.