Monday, June 11

Website sidebar screwed up.

Heath, OH — Local internet authorities are at a loss to explain how the sidebar on lost it's proper formatting.

"Look, over there, on the right side of the page. You see that? That's some HTML code all wonked up.  Somehow the grey box is too narrow for the content, and the type, well the formatting sucks." said local internet enthusiast Cory Newcaster.

To help remedy the situation, web masters world wide have put on alert.  They are working "round the clock," pouring over thousands upon thousands of lines of complex Blogger code.

Supplies of Mountain Dew Game Changer* are being bussed in from convenience stores statewide to supply much-needed fuel for the hordes of coders currently at work on the problem.

"Hopefully, we can take care of this and move on to MSY Technology Pty Ltd, which apparently is a name you can trust." commented some fat guy in a Qbert hoodie.

* - May or may not be real Mountain Dew flavor.