Monday, July 30

Employee finally finishes time sheets
from March, 2007.

HEATH, OH — Mike Thompson, senior art director at Funtional Communcations Inc., finally completed time sheets dating back nearly four and half years.

Using the company's internal time sheet tracking software, Thompson put the finishing touches on a hazily-recalled 46.5 hour work week. That time includes 12.75 hours of "erectile dysfunction research" and six hours of "inspirationalization" as noted by an accompanying expense reports showing ticket purchases to matinee showings of "Norbit" and "Wild Hogs."

It took Thompson nearly four hours to apply all of the proper client and job number codes the system demands.

"It was a tough slog, considering most of those clients have since left the agency."

Thompson originally worked for Funny Advertising before it's industry-shaking merger with nearby Emotional Advertising.  Additional holdings Mindless Marketing of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Obvious Solutions, LLC, of Topeka, Kansas were spun off into new entities in July 2011.

"I'm a big-picture kind of guy. This weekly minutia business drives me nuts.  I work for an idea factory, not a company that bills time!"

Thompson is one of only two senior-level art directors left at Funtional.  Repeated downsizing due to account attrition has seen the company shed approximately 44% of its creative staff.

According to Penny Garabaldi, current VP of Accounting, the main culprit for the loss of jobs has been consistent under-billing of clients.

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