Monday, April 22

Soul food restaurant leaves Afro-taste.

Open almost every day!
HEATH, OH – Some incredible chicken and waffles were nearly ruined yesterday at Heath’s newest “soul food” restaurant when a curly hair tickled the throat of lunch patron Ronald Smith.

“I hope to God it was from someone’s head and not … you know.” Smith said between dry-heaves. “The food, though, was AMAZING … if you like the kinds of things black people like to eat, which, as a very progressive white male I do.”

It’s rare for a restaurant to have food so good you could eat a hair off the cook’s head and/or genital region and still recommend it to your own mother, so give the ALMOST GOURMET SOULFOOD RESTAURANT a try. It’s not quite gourmet—probably because of the hair. Just teasing! 

Open almost every day, Monday thru Saturday, Noon to 11PM.